Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Adventure wrap-up

So way back in August, while everyone was still here, there were adventures being had. I have been a bit slow about reporting in on those, but am going to give it my best shot; I'm sorry it has taken me so long.
Mr A and I had a really wonderful time on our trip far, far away. There were some of the original costumes and models, all of which were really, really awesome to see! The only real disappointment of the whole thing was that I didn't know they allowed photography, so I didn't even take my camera with us! There we were, waiting to go in the exhibit rooms and see the sign that says,"Photography allowed." What a disappointment to not be able to share the awesomeness of the whole thing with you. The show is traveling around the world for several years, not sure where all it will be going and when, I just know it was slated to head for Australia next. Keep your eyes out, it may come to a galaxy near you. (If it does, go see it!)
A couple of days after we saw that, the two of us, plus the daughter units, went to the last one listed here. Fortunately there are a few pictures of that one for your viewing pleasure.
They really do seem to fry most anything around here and/or put it on a stick.

Fortunately, they only batter and fry the cheese curds and leave the sticks for something else.

We stopped in at the corner, where I was able to find a future gift or two.

There were parades with marching bands, horses, (missed those pictures) and clowns on strange contraptions.


We never did come across the chocolate covered bacon, which is just as well. Just the thought of it makes me feel my blood running slower.
I hope to have a Ravelympics update for you in the next day or two. I didn't get all of the projects done (not that I ever really expected to, to be honest), but I did get some of them finished, and a few others have had progress made. I also wound up adding a project or two during the time frame of the Olympics that weren't part of the stuff I was working on for medals.
I have been thinking about the upcoming gift giving season and what knitting that might involve, as well as making a few other things. (In case anyone out there had been wondering what I have been up to.)
There will also be a garden report in the near future, so stay tuned.


Bubblesknits said...

Oh man! I hate you weren't able to get any pics, but I bet it was great! Looks like you had a good time. :-)

Channon said...

Fun! I loved the photos you did share, from other adventures... Fried fruit? Strange...

bruce said...

fried fruit? yeah, that's sounds good (and normal). I grill fruit, so fried isn't so far off. They do tempura vegetables, why not fruit?

chocolate covered bacon? Um, I don;t know about that one...

Carrie said...

Those cheese curds look delicious!
You didn't miss anything by skipping the chocolate covered bacon, it was yuck.