Saturday, March 22, 2008

One way to spend a snowy couple of days

First you take a nice skein of yarn,
and then you wind it into two yarn cakes.


At that point you cast on for a sock. Then you knit some ribbing, and then for the sake of science, you do it all again on the other brand of needles you have "in the same size." After that ribbing is done, you keep knitting for the leg, and when that is done, you go back to the first set of needles and make another leg. If you start this on a snowy Friday afternoon, there might be stopping for the dinner fixing thing and sleep at some point, but only when you are so tired that you are having a hard time keeping your eyes open. Then on the snowy Saturday you finish the second leg and move on. From there you make a heel flap, and then a second one, turn a heel, and then another and make a gusset.

Then you get to make another gusset, and you are all ready to knit a foot or two. Once again you might be interrupted with the dinner cooking, and making a cherry pie for a friend; leaving you here, all ready to knit a couple of feet and toes. But I am certain there will be a finished pair of socks come bedtime on Sunday.

There was some admiring of glaring at the six plus inches of snow we have gotten since Friday morning. After all, Thursday at noon we could see the grass greening up in the yard and the beginnings of bulbs coming up in the garden.


Jayhawk said...

It was 80 yesterday and the sun is rising, as I type this, on what promises to be a cloudless 85-degree day today.

Sigh. And to think I don't knit.

Bubblesknits said...

Jayhawk, you crack me up. LOL Here I was coming to irritate her with our balmy weather and you've beat me to it. :-p

Can't say that we've got Jayhawk's weather, but it sure is nice outside. Although, with my black thumb, I don't have any budding plants in my yard. Unless you count the wild onion that even I can't kill. LOL

The socks are looking great!

momlee said...

And how did the science experiment turn out?
I just did a hat experiment, garter stitch: one on straights, then another one on circ, which requires every other row as purl. The local hat tryer-oner pronounces the one on straights as slightly tighter, and the ribbing looks better on the circ one. The knitter liked knitting on straights slightly better (no purls), but DEFINITELY liked not having to do a seam. He (tryer-oner) had comments re seam vs stitch change "scar", too.