Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Windy nights

Last night I went to put Sadie out for her one last time before bed. I was confronted with this empty spot. I looked about and saw this out in the yard.

So I did the logical thing and went in the house to ask, "Hubband, did you give the dog house permission to go on vacation when you and Simon got back from your walk?"
"Umm, no. Why?
"Well, then it seems to have decided to run away from home."
So I grabbed the camera (of course!) and headed back out to get Sadie. Took pictures and put her in the garage. Then I went out to haul the dog house back where it belonged and the door blew shut. Normally not too big of a deal, but it turns out it was locked. So I head around to the front door to ring the bell, knowing I will need to ring it a bunch of times as Hubband will figure since I am downstairs and he is up, I'll get the door. Sensible thing to figure, if you even think it is a good idea to answer a doorbell at 11:30 at night on a road that gets less cars on it than you can count on two hands (and probably almost never any after ten pm). Apparently Hubband was trying to ask me who could be at our door at such a late hour and decided he should come look when he got no answer. Once I was back in the house I went to retrieve the camera and the girl dog from the garage.
So here it is, back where it belongs today. Good thing I caught it when I did, or we would have had to go a long ways down the hill to bring it home. (Wouldn't be the first time.) I wonder if it is going to be extra windy again tonight? If so, maybe we'll make the dog house come in the garage. Yeah, right.

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bruce said...

spank the bad doghouse... but it was a funny story. Thanks for sharing.