Friday, March 21, 2008

Frozen Four is down to "Frozen Two"

Bulldogs and Badgers will batle for NCAA Title Saturday at The DECC afer 3-2 UMD win over New Hampshire.

X of Minnesota Duluth (center) reacts after defeating New Hampshire 3-2 in the NCAA Frozen Four semifinal game at the DECC in Duluth Thursday. The Bulldogs will face the Badgers in the championship game Saturday. [Derek Montgomery/News Tribune]

DTE says
The team won in an AMAZING game. [There is a] Picture of us being excited about scoring.... not the greatest pic but oh well. Our girls are amazing. There was almost a whole minuet of us being down by two players. Our goalie is really good.

The girls and goalie being really good and amazing probably has somehing to do with them being ranked in the top four or so in the nation on a regular basis.

I thought the picture was just fine.

UMD pep band members DTE(from left) X, and Y cheer after Minnesota Duluth scored its first goal against New Hampshire during the NCAA Frozen Four Womens Ice Hockey National Championship semifinal game at the DECC in Duluth. [CLINT AUSTIN/NEWS TRIBUNE]


DTE said...

Top of news paper. Front page. Where the bylines are normally. ‘Bout 1 ½ by 1 ½ inches. I’ll see about getting a copy. It should be a good game on Saturday though.

Anonymous said...

As someone with an intimate relationship with the photo, I think it was a fabulous picture. Epic fail on your part.