Thursday, October 11, 2007

To people out there that I thought knew me

For the record: No, I did not call the phone number even if it was an 800 one. Do I look like I have ever had any interest in a robotic camel jockey? It just seemed weird to be in my paper, but since it is an 800 number, I figure it might be running in several different papers around the country.
Have you forgotten that I have a weird sense of humor that I share with no provocation at all? If you are wondering if I am being humorous, stop and think for a moment. When in doubt, remember who my father is, and who I am married to. I come by it honestly. So do my children; poor things, they are stuck to a double dose of both nature and nurture.

I agree with Bubbles, I probably would call if they were offering a Protocol Droid. Because I obviously need assistance in communicating.


momlee said...

I guess my humor is obscure. Sorry - and yes, it is a weird ad - and thanks for sharing it.

Bubblesknits said...

LOL I enjoy your sense of humor! It's so close to my own! :-)