Friday, October 12, 2007

The one who came to live at our house this week

Hubband and I have really been missing having a cat or two around for a while now. I may have been missing it longer than he has, but that is hard to say for sure, I haven't asked him to quantify for me. So last week we decided it was time to do something about it and on Saturday we went to Paws and Claws, our local Humane Society. We picked out a kitten and put in our application. Monday afternoon they called to tell us that our vet verified our information and we could come pick her up. Since we both had places to be that night, I decided to wait to pick her up until Tuesday. She spent the first hour investigating everything she could in the kitchen, family room, laundry, and her bathroom. Then we let in Sadie to meet her. That went fairly well, the kitten let Sadie know that this was her house, "Thank you very much," and Sadie was welcome to be in it, but don't get in the way. When we let Simon in, it was, "Oh my! It has claws!" Well, she does, but since she is only three months old, they aren't very serious claws yet.

She seems to have the basic two kitten speeds, "Full Tilt" and "Sleep." This is what our first several attempts to get pictures of her turned out like.

Then we were finally able to get this; well, several different variations on this theme.

We were finally able to get this while she seemed to be playing "Peek-A-Boo" with Sadie. Besides that game she also is a major string/yarn loving critter. This could prove to be dangerous I think. No lace weight knitting around her for a while. She also thinks the tie-ups for the loom treadles are there just for her. Right. Everything is hers now.

She actually does seem to like to be held until something catches her attention. She also thinks that sleeping by Hubband's feet during the day is a good plan. Of course, that spot had been Simon's, but apparently the two of them worked it out this morning and were able to share feet and a blanket latter.


Her name is Oribel Zerdali. She will be called "Bel the Cat" by someone in our house. Not to name names or anything.
She has a few toys from the store, but will turn anything into a toy. She drug a woven coaster all over the house the other day after finding it next to the fish bowl. Fortunately she doesn't seem to care if there are plants in her water dish. Her favorite toy? A pony bead. Just like Kitty used to do, she carries them back to the tile floor to knock all over the place. The problem? I could only find one for her and she dropped it down the heat vent. Where do I find a supply of pony beads?


Jayhawk said...

She is a treasure, and I like the name. (And the nickname.)

Jane said...

Congrats on your new kitten -she is adorable!

dty said...

how'd you come up with the name?

momlee said...

She certainly is adorable - and sounds like she is lots of fun to have around, and right at home. But then, as someone has said, "she's a cat". Welcome to Bel the Cat (I like it!)

momlee said...

the name, that is - both of them.

Bubblesknits said...

Oh! She's precious!!! I can't get over that cute little face! :-) Welcome, Bel the Cat!

TeaMouse said...

She is so adorable!