Sunday, October 21, 2007

SP #11 Contest 4

Well, I am supposed to post a picture of my first finished knitting project and my most recent one. I am also supposed to discuss how I feel I have improved over the years.

Well, I may be out of the running from the get go, as I have no picture of my first finished project. I'm not even sure I can remember what it was! It might have been a dish cloth, but I seriously don't remember.
My most recent finished object (or twelve) would definitely be a dish cloth. How have I improved? Well, I am a lot faster now and confidant in the knowledge that no matter what, it can be fixed if there is a mistake. Yes, occasionally I loose some yarn in the process, but I seem to be able to figure out most all of my knitting issues. The one that I am still having issues with? Figuring out if I have gauge or not. I started the Fake Isle Hat for DTE last night. Did I gauge swatch first? No. It is in the round, and I have learned from previous experience that you can't make a flat, back and forth gauge swath and have it then translate to an "in the round" project. So, I am going to knit the whole hat, measure the outcome, and see if it is "gauge." I already know if it is smaller than gauge, I will be making a second one; the large size sample at Yarn Harbor just fit her. If this one fits, very cool, if it doesn't, I guess I'll have to make a new one in a different size needle, or add a pattern repeat.

Why all the dish cloths? Well, exchanges, presents, and instant gratification. I am not the most patient person in the world (one of the big reasons why I knit in the first place) and when I make a dish cloth I have something done. Unlike the ten to twelve feet of scarf I keep working on along with those dish cloths! Yes, I have made something besides Ball Bands, but I gave them all away!


Bubblesknits said...

Those ballband cloths are so pretty! I've never done one of those. The whole "carrying one strand and knitting with another" always scares me. LOL

TeaMouse said...

I love the ballbands and I finally sat down on Saturday and figured out how to knit them - for some reason I kept reversing the yf and yb and I had a line of colour where I didn't need one.

I came to your blog a few times to see the one you had posted a picture of to see if I had got it right....thanks for inspiring me.

I think it turned out pretty good - I'm a little unsure of running the colour along the side - do you just carry it up the work along the side?

One of the reasons I love to do dishcloths is because of that instant gratification and they travel so well and can be knit anywhere.

Clare said...

The ballbands are beautiful! And that its a great picture to show off the variations in colour. Thanks for stopping by my blog - glad to remind you of pleasant holidays past!

Anonymous said...
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