Thursday, January 19, 2012

This morning Hubband

looked out our window down to the bird bath and said, "It looks like it got too cold for the birdbath to cope last night." (It was some number of degrees below zero, but I don't know how many exactly.) I came over to look, and sure enough, it looked like it was frozen over and then snowed upon. I can't say I was terribly happy about this since it meant either the birdbath was defective/broken, or that the outlet had broken or gone defective overnight. Later on I went out with a pitcher of water, my gloves and camera to document and remedy the situation. It turns out that nothing had gone belly up, nor was the water frozen over.
I have seen steam rising out of the water on some cold mornings and I think we just had a great visible example of science. I think the steam froze around the rim like it has before, but since it was so cold the ice crystals just made for a catalyst for more frost/ice to form a bridge. The ice is actually sitting about a fourth of an inch above the water.

Yep, there are a lot of pictures and they look almost all the same, but couldn't decide which one(s) I liked the best. Totally worth doing the embiggen thing too.(I promise, there are more I didn't share.)



SissySees said...

Neato!! Thanks for the photos. I hope you had a warm mug to wrap your hands around after that photo session.

bruce said...

Yes, that is pretty cool.