Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The previously noted

hat should reach its new,picked the yarn and pattern herself, owner on Thursday. It should be done drying/blocking in the morning, at which point is will go into an envelope, be dropped off at the post office and work its way through the proper channels to her mailbox. I can be fairly assured of the one day mailing time-frame since it only has about eighty miles to go (of course, they always say two to three days, but I don't recall it ever taking more than overnight, even when mail had to go 250 miles to Duluth).
DTE picked this project several years ago and after I got it home and read the pattern, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the idea that I wasn't a good enough knitter to pull it off. Either I was wrong, have become a much better knitter in the intervening years, have more confidence in my knitting skills now than I did then, or some combination there of. I'm guessing it doesn't really matter which, DTE will just be happy to have another completed hat to add to her collection.

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