Sunday, January 22, 2012

On Thursday,

I had a visitor show up in the mail. Wandering Woolomena gets to be here for a short visit/adventure until she heads out to her next stop.

Since I was in the midst of making cookies when the box arrived, she and Astrid helped supervise and inspect the finished product.

On Friday the three of us went to the grocery store, and the two of them were rather bossy about what was put into the basket and where.

On Saturday morning Woolie went with me help with stuff at church,

and then she inspected the "Birthday Party in a bag" project we do every year during Epiphany for the local Women's Shelter.

After that we stopped off to get my hair trimmed,

and then went home to fill water and food dishes inside and out. Woolie was glad she was inside when the turkeys came along for a snack. From there it was a pretty non-adventuresome Saturday afternoon.

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Tiddy and Charlie. said...

Looks like she had a great time! Those cookies look delicious! I can almost smell them :o) c x