Tuesday, July 21, 2009

With my magical transportation device,

aka "The Internets-a enormous series of tubes", we are going to return to Seattle for a brief visit. Despite Gaylen's worries about finding me in the train station (I just looked for the lady knitting), we connected with each other problem free. We took pictures of each other, though I think she did a better job ( I think those are the only ones we got of each other). Pay no attention to what she says about a messy guest room, there was no mess in there to be seen anywhere. And I did indeed get to see the apron in action.

While we were out and about visiting yarn, some did happen to find its way home with us. Actually, we both wound up getting the same sock yarn, so we'll have matching socks at some point to remind us of a wonderful visit and in-person meeting every time we wear them! There was also weaving seen by her, and I do believe she might be feeling a slight tug in that fibery direction.

Sorry about the bad "Internets" link before, it should be all fixed now!


Channon said...

I'm still a bit jealous, but I'm glad you had a great time.

gaylen said...

It was a wonderful time. Good picture of JB. For what it's worth - it's only a slight tug (but I'm feeling it). g

Bubblesknits said...

So glad y'all got to spend some time together. :-)

bruce said...

nice doggie apron.. we have dog lovers here too.. do they come in cats?