Thursday, July 16, 2009

The train ride to Seattle

on Tuesday morning was excellent. Despite Gaylen not having a clue what I looked like, we found each other just fine at the King Street Station. (As opposed to the Union Station that is just across the street, which can be a little bit confusing if you are trying to figure out which one in a hurry when you think you are going to be late picking someone up, but then find out there is nothing to worry about because their train is running even later than you are.) We did a bit of shopping at Pike's Place Market to get tea, then we went to visit some yarn, and then I got to go meet her dogs and husband, JB. There was a lot of visiting and getting to know each other in person to be had, both on Tuesday evening/night and the next morning, as well as dog bellies to rub and ears to scratch. All in all, a wonderful time before heading back to Portland on Wednesday afternoon.
Oh, and a fair amount of sock knitting happened and Vet-Girl's socks are going to hit a heel gusset very, very soon.


Channon said...

Were there doggy smooches?!

I'm so glad you both had a great time!

gaylen said...

Ummm - I smooch the doggies - I'm not sure CY did. I had a fabulous time - and I'm blogging with photos tomorrow :) g

Jayhawk said...

And pictures later made it clear that you were rubbing doggie bellies and not each other's, which I have to confess was just a tiny bit of a relief to figure out. It sounds like you are having fun.

Bubblesknits said...

I'm so glad you had a good time! On to the next post. :-)