Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tuesday's rides were uneventful,

which is always a good thing when it involves driving to the airport, catching a plane to one place and then a second plane to your finial destination. Well, the final city anyway; DTY met me at the airport and then we took MAX and a bus to her place. I love public transportation in cities that believe in it!
Today we walked to her school and I was able to meet the director of the place where her work study job is, and and see the spot where her SRO license certificate will hang (as well as the current RO one in place). I also got to help her with one of the weekly duties there that involves safe trash disposal. (No pictures there, but she said we might be able to get some later, if cameras are allowed.)
So far vacation is wonderful!


gaylen said...

Yea - so glad you are having a great vacation. Email me about pick-up time next week. g

Channon said...

Glad you're there and enjoying yourself!