Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dogs in Seattle

for Dogs on Thursday. Gaylen and JB have two bloodhounds, Beau and Lucy, aka "the big dogs" and two bassets, Dudley and Abigail, aka, "the little dogs." Of course they were all happy to have me come visit (and bring special cookies just for them), happy to have me scratch their ears and show me their tongues (though you only get Mr. Dudley's), happy to rub all over me and leave their smells and slobber for my dogs to find in a couple of days, and naturally the little dogs were more than happy to show me their bellies. I think they were even happier to find out that I know exactly what to do with a up-side-down basset.







They were much more interested in being touched than photographed, but they were very happy to share their beautiful singing voices with me.


Channon said...

I had to go to the Knight's desk and play it. Uncle says that if THIS doesn't teach Sissy to howl, she can come hang out with his beagles and hounds for howling lessons!

gaylen said...

I have never managed to video my guys howling. That's pretty funny. I can totally pick out Abby's deep voice in there.

Thank you - looks like shy Dudley was a bit of a camera hog. g

momlee said...

Such nice doggies, and a lovely song!

Sue said...

What a great chorus. We should add my ten and we could go on tour.

Bubblesknits said...

I *love* the video of them singing! I want a hound just to hear it sing and talk to me. :-)

melly~ said...

we got yelled at by the neighbors when we visited and made the dogs sing.
aren't gaylen and JB just the best?