Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Visitors

We had several weekend visitors, starting with this guy. He stayed there, looking at tormenting Oribel, not even noticing me taking his picture. (Nope, no pictures of the cat going crazy.) Later on she got to go outside and give some torment back. She went out and hung around on the deck, and then down onto the patio for a good roll and who knows what else. Somewhere along the line I noticed a squirrel working its way toward the deck, not paying any attention to possible dangers lurking about. I, however, did happen to see one of its potential dangers holding very, very still in the grass. All of a sudden, that little guy was making a very fast run for the tree, with an orange monster very close on its tail. Both of them went racing up the tree trunk, but the squirrel managed to stay just ahead of her, and then get above her enough that it felt safe in giving her a major scolding. Not that she really seemed to care what it had to say to her, she just stayed in the tree with her eye on it for awhile, and then hung out under the tree, just to remind it who was really Queen of the Yard.

These guys also came wandering through the yard, but I think Oribel was glad she was on the inside of the glass that time around. She kept a close eye on them, stood up against the door to see, got into the kitchen window for a better view, but she never asked to go out. (Seriously, she really doesn't say much very often, except when she wants someone to open the door to the deck for her. Then she is all about trying to scratch it down and "crying" at us.)
These four (or maybe it was five at some point) guys kept trying to let everyone know just how fancy they were, and were more than happy to let everyone know what wonderful voices they had,

but their intended audience really didn't care in the least.



The weekend snowstorm turned out to be a bust, at least around here. Our "two to five inches" turned out to be just a dusting.
On the plus side of things, DTE found out she got her dream job for the summer, she is going to be paid to work in the theater at school this summer and it also includes housing. DTY is also very excited to have gotten the job of "Assistant Training Supervisor" at the reactor, but I am not entirely clear on if that includes the summer, or if it is her job for next school year. Either way, she is planning on staying in Portland for the summer.


bruce said...

If you have no offspring about in the summer, I have one or two you can borrow.

And nice pictures by the way, and good Oribel stories and good to hear DT* are doing well.

Channon said...

Love those photos! Congrats to your daughter. She sounds delighted, so I'm guessing that's what matters.

Vintage Light Coffee and Tea House said...

looks like the visitors kept things interesting! We won the people's choice for best drink. the judges picked some martini:)