Saturday, April 4, 2009

Drive north and Lake Superior, March 14

The drive north (to pick DTE up for Spring Break)


Stuff at the Lake Walk


The Lake


Stuff on the beach


Stuff in the lake

(All the plaques with descriptions have been removed, for renovation I suppose. Thus I don't know what the concrete structure is, or anything about the "Hands and Dove" sculpture.)


kadezmom said...

Wow...I've never seen that area at any time other than the summer. Thanks for the peek and see.

Those pics are amazing!

Channon said...

LOVE the blue of the water. Great photos!

bruce said...

By 'concrete structure' you mean the house looking thingie in the water? yeah, I wonder what that is.... Good pictures, thanks for posting.

Bubblesknits said...

What was that house looking thing in the water? Or that frozen stuff, for that matter? lol

Thanks for sharing the pictures. They're beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow! this is a real place, not just a computer animated fantasy?
Betty in Texas