Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Socks and Pixel Crumbs

Last Friday I finished the striped socks I was working on, bring me to 3 pairs out of 12. (Brief recap for those that are interested; started on Jan. 27, finished on Feb.6. Noro Sock Yarn.) As I had rather expected, DTY said they were pretty and she would love them well, so they are already on their way to her. I do have plenty of yarn left to make myself a pair as well, which I may do soon.

Since I was using two strands of yarn, I had a couple of people ask to see the inside so they could see how I carried the unused yarn up the inside. Here you go, if you want further info, feel free to send me an email and I will give more details.

Sunday morning our Adult Ed time had something to do with the Internet, web sites, and I am not exactly sure what all since I was a little bit late and missed the "Introduction" part. My guess is that it mostly started with information about the church's web site and how it is progressing, how it and its pages will be set up, and why we are making the choices we are with it. I am also guessing that there were some folks that were asking why we need a web site, why we send out informational e-mails, etc. When I got there Fr. Doug was discussing some of that sort of information and explaining that a lot of people use the Internet as a way of getting information about churches to visit etc. In his explanations of how people search the web for information about stuff, they also search people's names, and used me as an example. He said that he was sure if one Goggled Barbara S... they would find several hits about me. (He knew I would be OK with being picked and that I would show up, at least on some of the stuff from church things.) I said that one could probably find a fair number of hits related to me, though I suppose most of those would come under the search of "CoffeeYarn" rather than my name. Any way, Hubband and I were talking about this later and how one leaves trails as one goes about the Internet. I said that it seems kind of like Hansel and Gretel, but that we leave pixel crumbs behind us instead of bread crumbs. Of course, I'm not sure I could follow all of my pixels, even though I doubt they have been eaten by any birds. (I wonder if pixels can be coffee colored? Or covered in pet hair and/or yarn?)

I will give you an Oribel story a little later. Right now I need to go get ready and leave for the dentist. I am sure that information will make someone happy.


Channon said...

That analogy tickles me more than it should, I'm sure... hope all went well at the dentist's.

Laura said...

Sweet looking socks. Are they itchy.

I found St. Luke's via the website. So there.

Bubblesknits said...

Let me know how the dentist went. :-) Love the socks.