Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's a Dogs' Life

Chan and Gaylen have been fussing at me for new dogs pictures, even if they are boring, sleeping dogs. So, this is for you two (well, and anybody else that likes dog pictures).

Sadie spends a lot of her time sleeping in the family room while I am on the couch.

Though she wakes up just a little bit when she thinks she is getting some attention,

apparently having her picture taken doesn't count as enough attention to stay awake for.


Being a pack-oriented dog, she changes she sleeping spot as we move about the house. The landing is close enough proximity to the computer to make her happy,

and this end of the family room works out pretty well for her during dinner. I felt rather sorry for her on Thursday as I was doing some housework and she had to keep moving from the landing to the family room, upstairs to the bedroom, back down to the family room, back upstairs, back to the landing, and such. I kept telling her she could stay in one spot, but she really doesn't like to be that far away from her people. She is much happier when there are two people home and one of them holds still.

Simon starts his day with moving from his spot in the bedroom to a sun spot in the front room. From there he just sleeps and rarely even notices that the sun has moved.



Some things in a basset's life are very important, including having their heads scratched through the posts as we go down the stairs,


going outside on the deck (to see if there is any birdseed to eat),

and hanging out in the kitchen to help me cook dinner (or perhaps hope for some sort of manna to fall from heaven).

Of course two of the most important things in a basset's life after sleeping are food

and belly rubs,

which should never be interrupted with cameras! (Hubband says we hould have gotten her for half price since she is defective with feet on the top of her body instead of the bottom!)

(Now can I go back to the sock?)


momlee said...

How did you manage all those pics of Sadie and Simon without Oribel deciding she needed to be in the picture? It is good to see them, too.

Channon said...

Oh, bassets and their bellyrubs! I've never seen another breed so predisposed to them so very often. Thanks for indulging us, and by all means, return to the sock.

I wonder if it's a male/female thing... Fred was content to rest on his dog bed, which afforded him views of the kitchen, living room, and our bedroom door. Sissy is like Sadie, and must follow whichever human moves.

I've joked more than once that in Sissy's ideal world, everyone she has ever met would sit in a circle, with her in the center, so she could keep an eye on us all.

Bubblesknits said...

Aww...they're just very content. Love the belly pics.

gaylen said...

Love the pictures. Thank you - you may resume sock knitting :) How's it coming by the way? At the rate you were going you should be on the second one alredy.

Your pack is very cute. Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the pix! love those 6 pounder does NOT do bellyrubs, but she does relocate to be "with" me. Amazing Oribel lets them occupy all that space ;-)
Betty in Texas

Anita said...

Love the photos of the pups! They look so sweet!! And I too am amazed that Miss Oribel didn't get in at least one of those shots! :)