Monday, February 16, 2009

A romantic Valentine's afternoon

starts with dosing Sadie with Rimadyl before noon, bundling up for 25° weather, leashing the dogs, and heading out down the hill in the backyard.

From there you enjoy an afternoon together,


wandering about in the valleys


and on the hills around your neighborhood.


You get to see dogs enjoying the snow and their outing,

sunflower farms,

awesome ice formations


bassets snuffling stuff like bassets do,

geese overhead,

baby trees safe from deer,

and the water holding ponds you are grateful for.


Then you go out to the road to head home, enjoying your favorite tree in the cow field,

tell Sadie she has done an amazing job hiking and she is almost home,

and you are thankful that Simon will wait for her so patiently.

The last little bit of the afternoon outing includes telling the neighbor dogs hello, even though the beagle/basset mix Paco dog has taught Miss Louie Basset the bad habit of barking at everything and everyone.


Then you finish the afternoon off with a Valentine's day gift of a hand knit sock. (With the promise of the other one being done in plenty of time for their poker game on Sunday afternoon.)


Channon said...

Miss Louie is quite lovely, and if she has a deep, deep basset voice, I don't think I'd mind at all...

Yay Sadie! That was a great walk. And what does Oribel do while the rest of you hike?

Does Simon give lessons? Sissy doesn't believe in waiting, much less patiently...

Anonymous said...

a lovely day and a refreshing walk. such beautiful country!

I love the striping on those socks. (when I studied Spanish I learned that green is the color of love, not red as we use in the States. And there was loooots of poetry to prove it ;-))
Betty in Texas

Anita said...

What a wonderful walk! Thanks for sharing all the photos. :)

My guess to Chan's question is that Miss Oribel is in the cabinets trying to get to the cat treats! LOL

Monica said...

Thank you for all the lovely photos! I'd love to join you for a walk, it looks so gorgeous & serene. I totally love your fave tree too!

Bubblesknits said...

Poor one appreciates the beauty of lying in a warm house do they, girl? If I ever come to visit, we'll sit at the window and watch them walk to their heart's content. I'll even share the puffcorn. ;-)