Monday, December 19, 2011

Today's calendar stuff

includes Oribel's annual checkup/tests/etc, as well as a trip to the big city airport to retrieve DTY. This morning started out with all expectations of those two things being accomplished with the dropping of a coaster on my head at seven, followed by some dashing in front of Hubband down the stairs for the ritual showing of the food dish, and curling up on me just before I was about to get out of bed. All in all, a fairly normal morning. She hung out with me for most of the morning, looking in the closet with me, following me downstairs and back up again for my coffee refill, getting a drink of water from the faucet while I was washing my face and putting in my contacts, etc. Then I went down to get one last cup of coffee while she debated which sun-spot to take a nap in, again all of this was is fairly normal morning. After filling up my coffee cup I stuck my head up the stairs to see if she was following me (which she often does when she realizes I am going to be in the vicinity/on the same floor of her treats). She was just standing at on the landing, looking down at me, so I decided to get the jar of treats and shake it, which normally results in having an orange blur show up at your feet in less time than it takes to get a full shake in. No cat showed up. No cat on the landing. No cat to be seen in our room. No cat to be seen anywhere. Seriously, how did she know it was time to be put into her crate for the ride to the vet? Yeah, well, now she is scheduled to go on Thursday morning instead.
Astrid was rather disappointed as she had been looking forward to meeting all the nice folks at the vet's office. Fortunately, she is willing to settle for just the road trip to the airport to see DTY again and waiting a couple of days for the rest of the plan.
Want to guess who came out of hiding about an hour or so after her appointment?


Jayhawk said...

Cats can dematerialize, you know. Under mildly upsetting circumstances they will merely hide, on a closet shelf for instance, but faced with truely dire circumstances (and a trip to the vet would certainly qualify) they can separate their little fuzzy bodies into componemt molecules and simply be "not there" until the danger passes.

When they rematerialize, they do so in the middle of a room you just searched, wearing an expression of, "Who me? I've been right here. What's your problem?"

SissySees said...

Smart cat, that one... good luck on Thursday!

bruce said...

you have read Heinlein's "the cat who walks through walls", yes? none of this should be new anymore. you will have DTY to help keep an eye on the cat molecules, it might be easier next time.