Friday, May 13, 2011

Using the ever wonderful

3-needle bind-off (despite the not-so-wonderful job of picking up stitches the "proper" way, at least I was consistently "improper"), twelve squares have been turned into four rows. The four rows will get a very similar treatment to become one big square this weekend.


momlee said...

There's an "improper" way to pick up stitches? Who knew?

Jayhawk said...

So, I went to read about the "three needle bind-off" you reference here, and found it only partially illuminating.

"For the 3-needle bind off, you'll need -- surprise! -- 3 needles."

Well, okay, I'm with you so far, although I'm a little creepd out. I'm beginning to see Navy Corpsmen around every corner.

"The bind off joins two sets of live stitches that are still on the needle."

Okay, this is just not healthy discourse here, with "live stitches still on needles." This reminds me too much of my high school biology teacher who had us pinning live bugs to boards using pins. Then we were supposed to... No, I'm not even going to tell you what we were supposed to do to that frog.

Laura said...

This is looking awesome! Well done.