Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Each block has two ends per color per miter, there are four miters, plus one end for the edging (because you don't cut after the last miter), so 17 ends per block and 12 blocks. Then there are ends for putting two blocks together (2 or 4 depending on which method you use, I am not that far yet so haven't decided) and three blocks per row, ends for putting rows together, and then ends for putting the edging on.

Squares (2x2)x4+1=17x12=404
Squares into rows 2(2x2)=8
Rows into afghan 2(2x2)=8
Edging 2 (Hopefully that is, as in I am hoping there are no knots in the skein and that it only takes one skein.)
404+8+8+2=422 ends (or more) by the time it is all done.

There is a reason I weave in and take care of each block's ends before I declare it done and go on to a new block.
Almost done with another block, and then there are only two more to make before I start turning them into rows.

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momlee said...

I knew there was a reason I wanted to think twice (or more) before deciding to make one of these. I HATE ends.