Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cat(s) and garden a garden hose

Don't mix well, which is what I was counting on earlier today. I was hanging out inside and heard the distinctive sound of two cats that don't like each other, or where the other one is hanging out. I went out to see where they were and they sere off the east end of the deck, so I went inside to grab a pitcher of water. When I got back out, they had moved to under the deck, so could then be reached with the hose. As I had suspected, I was able to convince the non-orange cat to leave the area with the mere idea that it might get wet any second.
Nope, no pictures, averting bloodshed was my one and only priority.


Channon said...

Heh. Your cat has as much personality as my basset. Keeps us on our toes?

Jayhawk said...

A dogfight is absolute candy poofing compared to two cats going at it.

I was on a Boy Scout camping trip once when two bobcats got into a fight about ten feet from our tent in the middle of the night. We came out the next morning, still quaking, to find bits of fur covering about a ten foot radius, including some on our tent. The signs were that it ended in a draw.

Bubblesknits said...

Yeah, cat fights are nasty things to see, much less hear. Glad you were able to run the offender off.