Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I think I havea new knitting love,

and I know I have a new yarn love. I started knitting a very popular shawl pattern on February 17, with some very beautiful yarn, and finished it nine days later, on the 26th.



I was so taken with the color and everything about it, I took several pictures before it was blocked. (So happy with it that you get several big pictures of it. You know how to make them even bigger to get an even better idea of how beautiful the yarn is.)

Plus, there is the whole "before lace is blocked"

and "after" to document.

Kathy's dyeing is so amazing and perfect for this shawl, and happen to have a skein of a different colorway, calling my name, telling me that it too will be very nice to work with and beautiful made up. I keep telling it that I should finish at least one of the three pairs of socks I have on needles before I cast it on, but maybe I'll at least wind it into a cake.
I see more shawl knitting in my very near future.

(Did I happen to mention how crazy in-love I am with my new shawl?)


Channon said...

I bound off last night when the Knight was holding me hostage at the firehouse. I'm delighted that you are in love with shawls, because I am too. NOW do you understand why I can't find my sock mojo? I'm sure it's resting comfortably under a shawl somewhere...

Bubblesknits said...

Oh, Barb...it's gorgeous!!!! Love (1,000)! And the yarn color is divine!

bruce said...

yes, that yarn is a nice one. And knitted nicely as awell. I'll bet Oribel likes it (if she even gets near it :)

momlee said...

Gorgeous in entirety!!!

Anita said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!