Thursday, December 3, 2009

I know,

where are the hat pictures? Well, you need wait no longer, here they is! (Nicely modeled by the owner of said hat.)


Pretty little intertwined knit cables on a purled background, all on account of reading the pattern correctly (after a bit of a mis-read in Round Three).

With the use of a life-line and realization that if you move the beginning row marker over, you have to move all the markers in the row over before you decide you have one too many stitches, beautiful decreases and a star/flower shape happen. Then with continued decreasing, poof! it is all finished and on someone's head.

(Unblocked, but that was OK with her. I am not sure she actually took it off for over 24 hours after it was finished. Maybe she took it off to sleep, but if so, she put it right back on as soon as she woke up. It is so nice to have someone who appreciates hand knit items, not every one who knits is so lucky. I am extra lucky to have several people wiling to indulge me.)

Tuesday I got to engage in some cat wrangling and take Oribel in to the vet for a check-up. She weighs in at seven pounds, six ounces and Dr. E was was very impressed with the fact that "She is solid muscle!" and diagnosed her as being "excessively healthy".

Tomorrow's big plans include a couple of errands and house cleaning during the day, but Hubband has agreed to indulge me with letting me pick pick what movie we will watch after dinner. I made sure we had this one show up in the mailbox in time for the big event.
(BTW, blog posts will probably continue to be erratic for the next several weeks. I am heading out next week to bring my dad here for a Christmas visit. I'll be gone for a bit and I think a lot of you know he doesn't have a computer so I only get Internet connection when we go to the cyber-cafe. Of course after we get back I will be finishing up with getting ready for college kids to come home, keeping dad busy helping around here, and the like. I'll try to entertain you at least once a week, and we can always hope for more.)


MLJ1954 said...

What a beautiful hat. I had someone at knit group on Wednesday ask me why I had soooo many stitch markers in my work . . . I looked at her and said that "obviously I can't count."

Laura said...

That hat and I had a standoff a year or so ago, and it won. I am so glad to see you beat it!!

Also, Kay of Mason-Dixon Knitting is thinking about dying her shawl with coffee - you should go comment.

Jayhawk said...

I'm not really into hats, and even I think that hat is pretty awesome.

The person under the hat is not bad either.

Channon said...

Beautiful hat! I'm glad Oribel got a clean bill of health. Happy birthday, and I'll be thinking of you whether you blog or not!

gaylen said...

That hat is freakin' awesome. So glad you won the bout. Of course I thought it was a gift, it was obviously - but you know what I mean.

Make sure to take care of you. :) g

Anita said...

Love the hat! & it's in my color! :)

Becky said...

What a beautiful hat!

gypsyknits said...

Awesome hat:)
Glad Oribel had a good vet visit.

Bubblesknits said...

Wow. The boy-child's hat just about did me in, so I can't imagine knitting that one. It's gorgeous, though!