Sunday, August 9, 2009

Drive-by veggie shots

Since I am so far behind on so many updates around here, I decided this approach was better than no approach. (Plus maybe I will feel a little bit caught up so as to get back to semi-regular posting without feeling like am forgetting stuff.)
So here are (very) fast updates for our veggies for the last three weeks. (Really? That far behind?)
July 24
Green Top Carrots
Salad Mix
Braising Greens
Greenhouse Cucumbers
Sungold Cherry Tomatoes and Round Red Tomatoes
Swiss Chard

The fruit share was a box of Pluots. (Which were very, very yummy, just in case you are wondering if you should get any.)


July 31
Fresh Shallots
Salad mix
Round Red Tomatoes
Green Kale
Sungold Cherry Tomatoes

August 7
Red Russian Kale
Round Red Tomatoes
Sungold Cherry Tomatoes


The fruit share this week was some more Pluots plus red and black grapes.


Channon said...

Yummy!! Quite inspiring for my weekly trip to the grocery store tonight...

Jayhawk said...

Those carrots, especially in the top picture, are utterly awesome. (Well, the two-legged one is a little bit creepy.) I don't know what they do to carrots in California, but they are sort of pale and they taper of to something that looks like an orangish string bean. We do awesome artichokes, but we fail at carrots.

MLJ1954 said...

Wonderful produce. We have only been able to get Hungarian Peppers, Green Beans and a couple stray tomatoes.

Next week, we will be inundated with other produce, including several heads of cabbage.

Anita said...

I really, really, really want to come eat at your house every day! LOL

Emjayknits said...

Thanks for the reminder I had a golden pluot in my lunch bag. Yellow skin, yellow interior. Mmmmmm