Friday, August 14, 2009

Drive-by road trip shots

As I fall ever more behind, you get more drive-by post/shots. Maybe someday I'll catch up with my life. (Right. Who am I kidding.)
Anyways, the first weekend in August (I know, two weeks ago) I drove up to see the closing night of the latest play DTE was working on for the summer. The set was great, the singing and dancing was great, the sound quality and mixing was excellent! (Want to guess who was running the sound board?) The play was Saturday night, she had to strike the set on Sunday, so I had the day to myself. What is a person to do but go hang out at the lake with their camera and knitting?

The water wasn't as busy as the last time we were there.

(The swimming wasn't either. It was a lot warmer the last time too.)

But there was evidence of a lot of activity on the rocks;

I added to the rock activity by hanging out on them with the well-traveled socks I worked on the last time I was "Up North,"

The socks and I enjoyed the lake,

played with the camera,

and introduced the "in-progress" socks to the joys of the water.


We hung out there for awhile, then wandered around to play with the camera some more and see what else there was.


There were dogs; I wonder what Simon and Sadie would think of the lake? Oh, wait, I know. They would be thrilled with all the people to pet them and cover with basset slobber.


There were also some gulls.

Lots of gulls.


I don't know what possessed them to think I wanted them to stand on the roof of my car. (Maybe it was the fries I was eating while leaning on my bumper?)

After the snack, the socks, camera, and I enjoyed watching "extreme unicycle" practicing.


Well, now I am only two weeks behind; with any luck I will get us all caught up on children, visitors, socks, cats, gardens, and anything else I can think of in the next few days. (Don't be holding your breath though. I wouldn't want anyone turning blue out there.)


kadezmom said...

I recognize that rock!!!!!! Looks like you had a great time.

Love the socks

Jayhawk said...

Those pictures are fake. I am shocked that you would palm off photoshop fakes on us. If unicycles could be ridden at all, they could not possibly be ridden on top of rocks like that. Not even believable fakes.

Also floating concrete houses, forsooth.

Channon said...

I like lots of photos! That was fun, although I too am skeptical about unicycles on rocks!

Bubblesknits said...

I soooo would have busted my butt! lol Thanks for sharing!