Wednesday, January 21, 2009

OK, I knew it had been a while,

but I hadn't realized it was a whole week! I really haven't forgotten about blogging; of course I would have a better chance of you believing me if you could see all the drafts in my head. Drafts about time with the girls home, drafts about what they/we did while they were here, drafts about the knitting I have been doing (more socks and a sweater started and finished in the last week), drafts about knitting I want to do, drafts about sewing, etc. Sadly, most (well probably none) of those drafts will come to fruition today. However, you do get a brief Oribel story and a couple of pictures; it is Wednesday after all!

This weekend I was refilling the birdseed bin and tossed the empty bags inside as I was done with them so they could make their way out to the garbage can. Of course the introduction of something new in her kitchen required a close inspection/approval.

She was able to give this one an extra-close inspection, much to her satisfaction. Oribel did seem to have some birdseed stuck to her as well as enough seed dust to make Sadie sneeze after climbing back out from inside the bag!
I will do my best to give you something other than rambleings about unseen drafts soon!


Channon said...

That'll work. Just toss out a couple of cute kitty photos and we'll forget all about the bloggy silence...

Anonymous said...

I introduced my non-knitting daughters to your blog because of WoW. they are lurking as we speak, and who knows if they will pic up those needles again...glad you are not snowed in!!
Betty in Texas

Claudia said...

Oribel is my hero! :D

Anita said...

LOL, she's so cute!! What would we do without them here to entertain us? :)

Bubblesknits said...

I do that a lot. I think about what I want to blog, but then forget (or run out of time) to do it. lol

Oribel just needed to make sure there weren't any bag-mice in there. We have lots of bed-mice in our house. ;-)

gypsyknits said... don't think Oribel was looking for a birdie do you? LOL