Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I was doing stuff in the kitchen (likely making a cup of tea since it was in the afternoon) and was able to catch a few pictures of this critter out the kitchen window.

Since it didn't seem to care about being watched, I was able to get several of  it popping up while eating (and then it would pop back down to grab another sunflower seed, or whatever it was finding in there).

After a few minutes of the up-and-down of finding things to eat in the pot, it decided to head up and see what was in the bird feeder hanging above its head (which pretty much sums up why there is food in a planter). Fortunately a couple of taps on the window resulted in a quick hop down and run up a tree.

Today it is raining and I haven't seen much in the way of furry wildlife around, just a variety of the feather covered type. Tonight the rain is supposed to transition to to freezing rain, leaving  tree branches, wires, and such coated in ice, and then more rain tomorrow with "sleet, freezing rain, and light snow Wednesday night with mainly snow falling by Thursday morning. During the day Thursday three to six inches of snow may accumulate in southeastern Minnesota" with more to the north and west. Fortunately it had gotten warm enough in the last couple of weeks, most everything is melted of, and even better the ground has thawed out enough that at least some of this is soaking in. However, our county is under a flood watch, with others near us under  the next level up of a warning. Not that it is an issue for us directly, thank goodness!
That is pretty much a summation of the excitement around here right now.


Nichole said...

Cute squirrel shots!

Jayhawk said...

I take Oribel was not around at the time?