Monday, April 22, 2013

Last night's dinner

was very green, not that you would know it here, since no pictures were taken. It was also a bit on the experimental side, in that several new to us recipes were used. The new ones were Kale Pesto on pasta, and oven roasted asparagus with Spicy Parmesan Sauce (though I used about one teaspoon TABASCO® Chipotle Sauce along with about two to two and a half teaspoons Frank's and didn't pre-cook the asparagus before roasting it in the oven). A fair amount of sugar-snap peas rounded out the green color on our plates.
Tonight's menu has Asparagus Gruyere Souffle on it so far but I haven't settled on anything else yet, but I am thinking there won't be any pictures tonight either. Mostly because souffles look pretty normal to us I suppose. 


bruce said...

Well, I'd like to see how your souffle turns out.

Jayhawk said...

Artichokes went down to $1.00 each, meaning they are local and, sure enough, they were AWESOME. Just two days later they were back up to $3.50, meaning they were coming from Chile and would taste like eating firewood.

Artichokes and asparagus: you can tell more by the price here than by the appearance. Our local season is starting to come in. Carlsbad has strawberries and Legos.