Thursday, April 1, 2010

My hand seems to be healing

fairly well. At least hat is our guess at this point since it starting to itch and the blisters are gone (plus no signs of infection). I have an appointment next Monday for it to be looked at by a doctor. It doesn't feel like any of the joints/bendy parts are binding up, but I suppose there is still time for that to happen. Some of the skin feels funny, kind of dry and leathery, and it looks icky and red, but it really is doing well. I am sure it will look red and obvious for some time to come. (I am guessing there will be some visual evidence for at least a year.)
I can still do most stuff with it all wrapped up, knitting doesn't seem to be a problem and for the most part cooking works out OK, if I am careful about chopping stuff up. I'm still not washing dishes for now and am beginning to think it would be easier to just pin a sign to myself for whenever I go out in public.
The biggest drawback to this? There are a couple of important stages of bread making that just can't be done with my hand in this condition. I am starting to go into bread-making withdrawal here (especially since there are certain things I always make this time of year). It is a good thing we had some back-up bread in the freezer, but those are going to run out really soon!


Channon said...

I'm glad you're healing well and taking things in stride. Any chance that dishwasher can come live with you now?

I don't have any great ideas on the bread-making, but I hope you can get back to it soon. (A glove, maybe?)

gaylen said...

Glad you are healing. I think if I didn't have to do dishes but could knit, type, and cook - I'd never want my hand to heal!!

Hope you are able to bake bread again soon. g

Bubblesknits said...

I'm with Chan...maybe a glove? Glad it's healing, though.

MLJ1954 said...

I am glad that it is getting better. Burns aren't something to fool around with.