Sunday, September 20, 2009

In the last month plus,

there have been flurries of activity mixed with down time. There were several trips back and forth from here to Duluth (some of which involved me and some that did not); several trips to and from the Twin Cities; a visitor and some adventures; lots of vegetables and fruit continue to be had; some extra stuff done about in preparation for another winter and some fun and relaxing activities. (Though obviously not a lot of blogging has been done around here lately. I think that will be changing.)

In August Mr. A came for his annual "See how much I've grown" check-in. A lot would be the results of this year's report. This year's regularly scheduled expedition was on a big ship.

Once again they didn't allow pictures of the actual expedition, but I did manage to get some after lunch.


(As well a few around and about the house, but I decided not to torture him too much with having his picture taken. He was tortured enough by having to hang out with a couple of old people for his vacation.)

On the plus side, he did manage to score a pair of sock while he was here. (They were the 12th pair knit this year, but not 12 of 12. I didn't have the proper color of yarn already in my stash.)


There was a birthday last month (it was his idea to put the candles in the brats instead of the desert).

There is more to report, but that is for a different time!

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Channon said...

You've had a busy summer! Will fall have a little R&R for you?