Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I am more than

halfway through block number nine (there is a really good chance it will be done tonight before I go to sleep). So far I have made (in finial arrangement, not knitted order) blue, white, green; purple, red, white; red, green, and in progress green. I still have another green, red, and white one to make and then will just need to put them together. There really is a method to my odd color choices/order. I know some of you have figured it out on your own, some of you had access to the method, and at least one of you are still confused. Think about it for a bit longer and what you know about me, I bet you'll figure it out.

Oddly (or not really) the black looks more gray when the picture is washed out with a flash inside (these are number three and eight).
As of last Friday (April 22), Kay, the pattern designer, had donated $12,500 to Mercy Corps for Japanese relief. According to her:
Mercy Corps was curious about all the payments so they emailed me. I explained that it was proceeds of a knitting pattern. Dead silence, then: “I didn’t know a knitting pattern could be so…. lucrative!”

Pretty awesome for a $5 pattern! (You can see her finished project here.)

(Oh, in addition to Mitered Cross Blocks, I have made two baptismal blankets in the last seven weeks and finished up a couple of other things. So my obsession hasn't been totally single minded.)

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Channon said...

I love the concept. I still need to buy the pattern and pick a background color!