Friday, May 7, 2010

So far, in the last forty-five minutes to an hour,

Sadie has had her bone in some sewing stuff, in Hubband's closet, in a knitting bag, between her bed and the wall, some different sewing stuff, and now she has carried it off upstairs again. Those are just the places that I know of for certain. Seriously, no one here wants her bone! (Not that Simon ever did either, for that matter.) I am sure it will be in the couch and/or big green chair before the evening is over.


Channon said...

Gretchen brings me her treasures to guard. Of course, Sissy will take something Gretchen leaves unattended, not because she wants it, but just because she can.

gaylen said...

Oh mine will sit and wait for Abby to walk away from her bone. It's pretty funny to see Beau & Lusy (who are both easily twice Abby's size) just laying in wait. She holds her own.

You might try the sink. Sadie will know it's safe that way. :) g